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like a devil on a painted stage

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i n t r o d u c t i o n

This journal belongs to Kristina. She's also known as Kris, Dulcis, or whatever you people call her these days. Formerly xxangel_wingxx@lj, she switched journals due to a few random reasons that shall remain a mystery for the fun of it. xD;

Kris' journal is semi-friends only. Posts that lean towards the personal side can only be viewed if you are in her friends list, but ordinary posts are public most of the time. Her journal isn't entirely friends only because she believes that you should know a little more about her and what the contents of her posts are before you decide to add her. She's just lazy to lock all her previous posts, really.

Just as a side note, please don't add this journal on a whim or merely to increase the size of your f-list. Add only if you really want to be friends with her, and you will definitely be added in return. :D

a b o u t

Kristina is a she, rather bouncy, mostly happy, and usually found lurking around in the most unexpected places. Her obsessions for fandoms are often fleeting and momentary as she's very finicky when it comes to them. That said, 동방신기 also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki is her current OTL <3.

One of Kris' bad habits, out of many, is that she must criticize nearly everything she comes across. Also, mess annoys her so everything must be organized and in order. Despite being a fussy git perfectionist and a stubborn donkey hard one to please, she's a complete pushover when it comes to her friends. But push the wrong buttons and you will find yourself in major trouble.

f r i e n d i n g p o l i c y

Please spare a few moments to read this and drop a line somewhere about adding her before doing so. This is because she doesn't check her userinfo often and may not realize that you added her if you did. Also, she'd want to know a little bit about you before she decides to add you in return. So don't be lazy, mm-kay?

Before you move on, it's important for you to know that this journal is yaoi, yuri and het friendly. Kris welcomes and befriends people of all sexual orientations, so please leave if you are disturbed by this as her posts may have such contents and/or discussions that may scar you for life. You've been warned, so don't blame her if you're traumatized by anything whatsoever ♥

That said, feel free to add her if you think the both of you will get along well.

l i n k s

To view the list of community(s) that she mod/co-mods, please refer to this post.

To view the list of RPG(s) that she joins, please refer to this post.

c r e d i t s

+ Profile banner features Kim Jaejoong of 東方神起 (Dong Bang Shin Ki), made by me. No stealing, yo.
+ Profile layout code credited to reversescollide.
+ Journal layout code credited to premade_ljs.